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"While Piedmont Arts serves the cause of the arts in the community, the
Lynwood Artists has served the needs of the individual artist for over 40 years."

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our July 31st Workshop Lead by Roland Guidry

Roland Guidry Modeling For Figure Drawing Workshop

Our Saturday, July 31st Workshop at PAA, lead by Roland Guidry, was fun and educational. 10 members were in attendance.

He talked about the importance of creating a pleasant work environment for oneself before delving into an art project.  This allows the creative part of the brain to take over first, making the creative experience more rewarding.

Roland led and modeled for several fun figure-drawing exercises.  The drawings were  then shared and critiqued. 

Iris Gillispie modeled for one of Roland's exercises. While posing, she sketched the class while they sketched her.  For this exercise Roland also ask the members from the Writers' Club to sketch Iris with their words (on paper) and then they were invited to share what they had written.  Roland gave a very good talk about the differences in writing styles.

Sam Davis, gave a mini lesson on lighting and composition for taking pictures of people.

All-in-all, Roland provided everyone with a wonderful learning experience.

We look forward to Aug. 5th's Open Workshop, which will be held at Studio 107 instead of PAA, for this date only, from 1 to 3pm and Aug. 7th's Workshop, held at PAA, from 10 to 12:  continuing with figure drawing, sketches and color - also lead by Mr. Guidry.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hospital Show Info

The Hospital Show will run from Aug. 10th to Oct. 22nd.  

Receiving for the show will be Monday, Aug 9th from 9 -11a.m., in the Hospital lobby.

Please bring a maximum (not a minimum) of 3 (2-D) pieces of your art work to the Hospital. 

Do not forget your paper work for each art piece.

There will only be room to hang approximately 25 pieces. We thus reserve the right to choose which pieces will be hung, though every effort will be made to hang at least one piece from everyone. Any overflow of work may be picked up at PAA at a later date.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Figure Drawing & Photography Workshop

We are in the process of organizing a free Saturday Figure Drawing & Photography Workshop for Lynwood Artists & PAA Partners - time from 10am to noon.

With a model,  both drawing/ painting/ sculpting artists and photographers will benefit.

Please select (at poll to the right) all the dates that you would be interested in attending. 

If we get enough interest we can then set a date and move forward.

Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 Smith River Cleanup

Lynwood Artists News:

Brian M. Williams - Education, Outreach and Conservation Coordinator - of the Dan River Basin Association, spoke to a few Lynwood Artists members on July 15th at Piedmont Arts.  The topic was about the Basin's Smith River clean up project which is scheduled for August 21st, in Bassett's "Horseshoe" section of the river.

With the help of last year's 80 to 100 volunteers, Brain reported that they pulled out 13 1/2 tons of trash: plastic containers, beer cans, glass bottles, plastic bags, tires, car parts and frames, a tomb stone, appliances and much more.  They were removed from the river and illegal dumps near the river and had to be hauled away to the county dump. 

Brain extended an invitation to the Lynwood Artists to come out and help with the clean up efforts.  He suggested that there may be plenty of items that artists could find and use in creating their art.

For more information on this important project contact Brian Williams at:  #276-634-2592 or go to their website at

To help inspire you, here are a few links to sites featuring artists turning trash into art and profit:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Charlie Knighton - Woodturner

Charlie Knighton, Lynwood Artist member, is also a member of the American Association of Woodturners. Charlie is working on his first wood sculpture and will keep us up-to-date on his progress with photos posted here at this site. Tune in often to follow his work.

For more info on the American Association of Woodturners click below: